Enzo Hui Director Reel - 2018

Hi guys! Since 2018 is coming to an end and winter break is getting boring, I've cut up my very first director reel to promote myself as a student filmmaker. The reel includes my film projects from 2015 to 2018, 7 shorts and 1 feature.

My next film is my best film, this is how I always feel. So even with limited resources at times, I will never stop challenging my artistry and creating new stories.

Big thanks to people who've worked with me or helped me out in any of these projects. No matter how big or small your roles are, thank you for sacrificing your time and believing in my dreams! I owe you all so much.

Thank you for the love and support! Cheers!

Films: 看不見的薛西弗斯-Sisyphus in the Dark (2015)

悶夏-Bright summer days (2016)

害-Innocence (2017)

CYCLE (2017)

Drop Target (2017)

STALKER (2018)

放學後 - I’ve Looked At Clouds That Way (2018)

Kalos (2018)