I am Enzo Hui, a junior film student who is born and raised in Hong Kong and am currently studying at Savannah College of Art & Design. Eager to broaden my experience and improve my artistry, I have been shooting a variety of film projects (5 shorts and 1 feature) in the past four years.

Sine an early age, I've had the urge to tell stories through different artistic mediums. Filmmaking not only allows me to bring my vision to life, it also gives me a chance to learn from collaborators with different strengths and weakness. Most importantly, viewing and creating cinematic art let me walk in other people's shoes, experience life in multiple perspectives. 

I really hope that one day, my passion and hard work could help bring something new in today's cinema.

Please contact me through Facebook(Enzo Hui) and Instagram(enzohui_nim).

Festival awards & accolades:

  • The IndieFEST Film Awards

  • The Best Shorts Competition

  • Independent Shorts Awards

  • Los Angeles CineFest

  • Miami Independent Film Festival

  • In Short Film Festival

  • Uni-Fest Student Film Festival